Boneal Custom Molding can manage your plastic needs from concept to product.

Mold design/Tool Build

We can help you develop and design the most cost effect tool to produce your parts.  We will manage the tool build throughout the process until we produce a part that meets your requirements

Material Selection

We will  assist you in matching the best material for the intended product application.   We will also help in selecting custom resin formulations and colors.


In addition to molding, we can source and  assemble additional components, have parts painted, and silk screening.


We can inventory and warehouse your product until you or your customers have a requirement .


We routinely procure all components necessary to make your product, from the raw materials, to the final packaging that you require.


From bulk shipping to specific packaging and labeling, Boneal Custom Molding is ready to meet your needs

Quality Control

Our goal is to exceed the quality requirements of your parts.  Every part receives numerous in-process and finished goods quality checks.

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